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Official Guide How to Get Involved in the Community

Discussion in 'How-To Guides and Info' started by MissEmai, Jun 13, 2016.

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    Wondering how you can get involved with TastyNode, and contribute towards the growth of our wonderful community? Well look no further! We have the answers here for you.

    On the Forums
    • Make a post on someone's thread and add your opinion to the mix
    • Create your own thread and share your thoughts with the rest of the community
    • Make a "How-To" thread about a useful topic to help provide information for other members
    • Report any bugs or other issues so that we can squash them quickly before they multiply!
    On our Teamspeak
    • Just hang out and talk with friends, or make new ones!
    • Help welcome newer members, and make them feel like they're part of the community right from the start
    • Get your own channel and invite your friends to join you!
    • Join us for game or movie night, both of which we do at the end of each week
    On our Social Accounts
    • Like our Facebook to get updates on the community right from your feed
    • Follow us on Twitter if you don't use Facebook
    • Check out our YouTube channel for community-related content
    • Join our Steam group and participate in some of the games we play
    Spreading the Word
    • Tell your friends and family about TastyNode!
    • Add a link to TastyNode in your Steam/Xbox/PS or other forum bios
    • Put one of our fancy TastyNode banner graphics in all your forum signatures!
    Partner/Affiliate with Us
    • Do you have a YouTube or channel, or stream gameplay to fans on Twitch or similar? Why not have TastyNode be your hangout? We'll work with you to setup your own dedicated area that you and your fans can use, and we might even give you an official shoutout in the community!
    • Do you run a community of your own? Lets work together and help each other out!

    Get involved and stay tasty :)
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