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Official Guide How to Join the Teamspeak Server

Discussion in 'How-To Guides and Info' started by JWTech, Nov 14, 2016.

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    Here at TastyNode, we use Teamspeak for most of our conversations, and also host a handful of other groups and communities who enjoy the use of our services. This thread outlines how to easily install Teamspeak and join the server.

    Step 1. Getting the application
    • Click this link to go to the Teamspeak download page
    • Select whichever download fits your operating system
    • Download and install the application
    Step 2. Connecting to the server
    • Launch the application, click the Connections menu, and then click Connect
    • Enter the IP address:
    • Enter your nickname (no vulgarity, please)
    • Click Connect
    When connecting to the server for the first time, you will be listed as a "Guest" and will have access to the Public Guest section of the Teamspeak at the top, as well as any group or user channels that have configured their channels to allow Guest access. This limitation is removed after a staff member discusses the rules with you.

    Helpful Tip: It is advised to configure a Bookmark for the Teamspeak server to allow for quicker connecting to the server.
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