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Teamspeak as a Social Hub

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NaughtyFairy, Apr 29, 2015.

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    Feb 23, 2015
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    I want to personally invite all you lovely people to hang out with us on Teamspeak3.

    There are a few reasons I why say this.
    • Our community is blessed with a 500-slot Teamspeak server. That's enough room for every member of this forum and each to bring 2-3 friends! That's right; you can bring your friends. Lots of friends. All the friends.
    • People on Teamspeak don't necessarily have to be playing the same game, or a game at all. People go there just to socialize. And by socialize, I mean make dirty jokes. Constantly. We laugh and share great pictures from the internet. Help each other with homework even. It is a vibrant and varied time.
    • You don't need a microphone. You don't need to speak. Nope. There is a chat in the lower half for people to type. So, if you are too shy to speak or unable to get a microphone, you can still join in on the fun.
    • I am an awkward person. Now, this may be a bit confusing. Why is this a reason to join Teamspeak? Well I have made friends there and felt welcome, I am positive you will feel welcome, too.
    Welcome to the community. Welcome to Teamspeak.

    Now if you don't have it already, here is the link to the official site's download:
    And here is the server IP:

    If you have any questions, you may ask us here and we will help you best we can.
    Be sure to read and follow all rules while on the Teamspeak.
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